Fall Early Notice and Position System

FENPS is a service for residences, allowing the location of their elderly indoors and outdoors, studies on their activity and an alert system in case of an accident or fall.

Future beneficiaries

EU Region is ageing rapidly: its median age is already the highest in the world, and the proportion of people aged 65 and older is forecast to increase from 14% in 2010 to 25% in 2050.

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The problem

For the elderly, falling and not being able to get up or summon help is a very scary prospect and happens frequently enough that it is a public safety concern in certain communities. Fear of falling can keep elderly from participating in activities, accelerate depression and decrease social activities all of which leads to a reduced quality of life.


IoT-based fall detection systems alleviate the fear of not being discovered after a fall which can help elderly to live an active, normal life.

Key opinion liders working with us

CREA Alzheimer

Spanish state reference center for people with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias

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Technological Center of Catalonia (member of Tecnio), brings together the experience of more than 600 professionals that generate a volume of income of 43 million euros per year and serves more than 1,000 companies. Applied R&D, technological services, highly specialized training, technological consulting and professional events.

Residencias las Azucenas
Residencias las Azucenas

Spanish Elderly Care Residences las Azucenas

How Work

That system allows early warning for disorientation or fall of elders and dependents. A warning on any of its devices will be sent to relatives, institutions or associations concerned about their well-being. Such devices will be developed to detect problems and report incidents.

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Our pricing plans

Nursing home service
  • 20€/year Fall & position

  • 50€/year Geofencing

  • 3000€/year Administration system

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